The  effective, fervent  prayer of a righteous

 man avails much  - James 5:16

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Send an email to or submit online below.

Text or call Cyndi Rhoads: 619-787-3749

Fill out a slip in the Sanctuary and put it in the Agape box.

Sunday Morning Prayer

Prayer Partners are available and would count it a privilege to pray with you immediately following both morning services.


Men’s Prayer Meeting

Mondays:  5:30am in the Fellowship Hall
Thursdays:  5:30pm in the Jr High Room

Women's Prayer Meeting

Wednesdays:  8:15am in the Fellowship Hall
*No meeting on Communion Wednesdays

Prayer Requests

Prayer Requests will remain posted for one week. Please renew your request after one week if needed.

April 13, 2019

April 16, 2019


Sandie Shields had an incident at work with a co-worker that did not end well.  She is concerned about her job. She has set up a meeting on Monday with one of her bosses for resolution. Thank you for your prayers including God's peace and guidance.

4/15/19  Sandie had a successful meeting with her bosses, she experienced the Lord's peace and was assured  an attempted resolution.  Thank you for your prayers.

Daniel Guidry is still experiencing arthritis in his right hand, with increased pain and discouragement. There are not a lot of options medically. Thank you for your prayers,

Dan's sister and roommate/sister is seeking a compatible sleeping medication. Thank you for your prayers.




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